Ham/Nye Debate

these are just some things i wanted to say and point out about the debate.

{note: these aren’t exact word for word quotes because i was just quickly typing notes}

Bill Nye was asked where the first atoms came from that caused the big bang. The first words out of his mouth, “It’s a mystery…” Now at Ken Ham’s rebutle, “Well, actually, I want to tell you that there is a book out there that tells us where the atoms, and all matter, came from. And the first sentence in it is, “In the begining, God created the heavens and the earth.”

First word from Bill Nye after being asked how conscienceness came to be: “Don’t know. It’s a mystery.” Ken Ham’s response, “well, there is a book out there that tells us how conscienceness started and who did it.”

and something to think about: When asked what would change your mind about what you believe(or something along those lines) Ken Ham is strong in his faith in God and nothing will alter his belief. {God does not change His mind, He keeps his promises, what He says is true. we can rely on Him and His Word the Bible.} On the other hand, Bill Nye is very wobbly in what he believes. There are a bunch of things that would make him change his mind. {This is because he does not have a strong foundation (God).}

please comment if you have anything you would like to say, add, or question 🙂

thanks for reading

10 thoughts on “Ham/Nye Debate

  1. “There are a bunch of things that would make him change his mind.”

    Actually, there’s one thing. Evidence. And that’s good. If you have evidence for something, you should believe it.

    Ham’s position makes him seem weak in this regard.

  2. thank you for bringing that up. yes, if there’s evidence, then its believable. but evolution has no true evidence. all of creation points toward its Creator, not toward a theory proposed by a man who was trying to figure out why finches had different sized beaks.

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