Adorable owl decoration!

I’ve been looking for ways to decorate my newly-painted room—quotes, anything nature related, pictures, ect. One thing that I found was an owl cut-out on canvas, and I had to make it. 🙂


It was so easy and fun, and I love the way it turned out. ❤ Here’s how to make it:


  • random assortment of scrapbook papers
  • Mod Podge–love this stuff!
  • paint brush or sponge
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • buttons–black would probably work best
  • a canvas–preferably the flat, thin ones (I’m not sure what they’re called)


  1. select which scrapbook papers you’re going to use and begin tearing them into pieces (you could put the torn pieces in a box or container to keep them all together)

Image    2.  Choose the paper you want to be the body of the owl, sketch the shape of the owl onto the paper, and cut it out.

    3.  Then choose the paper you want the wing and face to be, sketch out the shapes, and cut them out. To make sure the pieces fit, cut the wing and face a little to big, that way you can trim where it’s needed.

    4.  Now the fun part! 🙂 Start at a corner, spread a little Mod Podge on the canvas, put down a piece of paper, and spread a thin layer of Mod Podge on top. Put down another piece of paper, slightly over-lapping the first, and Mod Podge over it. Keep going until the edges are covered (don’t worry about the paper hanging over the side, you can cut it off once it’s dry)

    5.  Keep Mod Podgeing – if that’s even a word 😛 – the papers until the canvas is covered.

    6.  While the canvas is still wet, spread a little Mod Podge on the back-side of the owl’s body and place it in the middle of the canvas. Spread Mod Podge over the owl, then place the wing and face on top. Now put another layer of Mod Podge to cover the wing and face.

    7.  Now, cut a little triangle for the beak, and two circles for the eyes(make sure the circles are slightly bigger than the buttons you’re using). Mod Podge these onto the owl, then place the buttons over the circles.

And you’re done!

{this took me about an hour to make}


I hope you have fun!! 🙂

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