burlap and lace WELCOME banner


I made this last night to put on the outside of my bedroom door.

It was soo simple and I love how it turned out 🙂


All you need is burlap fabric (I got 2 yards for $3 in Walmart’s craft section), lace ribbon, clothes pins, fabric marker, hemp cord/string, and 2 tacks.

1) Start by cutting squares of burlap–whatever size you want–I used a tile as a guide for the size of each square.

2) Write out WELCOME, one letter on each square–I just free-handed these letters, but you could use a stencil.

3) Cut strips of lace–Find your desired length then double it because the lace will be tied to the hemp cord

4) Cut a piece of hemp cord–Measure your door and cut the cord a about 4-5 inches longer (depending on how much sag you want). now tie loops on each end of the cord

5) decide where you’re going to hang the banner and tack up the hemp cord.

6) Now all you need to do is use clothes pins to pin the burlap squares to the hemp cord and tie the lace between each letter. I also made 3 bows. 🙂 (with any extra lace, just hang it over the back of the clothes pins)


Have fun! 🙂